About me


I worked for 7 years in Germany for public institutions, private companies and large multinational corporations, where I dealt with projects financed by the European Union, partnership design, translations of technical and commercial texts.

These experiences have helped me to recognise and understand every aspect of the German way of doing business as well as the German market.

Back in Italy, I worked for 4 years as Export and Area Manager for two production companies in Cremona (the city of Stradivari, about 100 km from Milan). Here I learned what cultural differences are and how deeply they can influence the success of a company. My knowledge of the German market and German culture has proven to be fundamental in establishing long-term and solid partnerships with German companies.

In 2011, I decided to set up my own business to share my knowledge of how to do business in Italy and Germany with several companies, for mutual benefit.

I have invested several years to expand my knowledge in many fields, such as anthropology, history, geopolitics, economics, psychology, marketing, and to get to know the companies in Northern Italy, especially in the Veneto region, where I started to create a new approach based on the knowledge that cultural differences are crucial for building a trustful and long-term business relationship.

In 2016 I founded Kruman®, a consulting company specialized in supporting companies in Northern Italy that are interested in exporting to Germany and want to adopt a new marketing approach.

Unlike other consulting companies that match appointments or use cold calling for business enquiries with non-profiled businesses (and then leave the customer alone when it is time to negotiate), Kruman consultants work side by side with the Sales Office of Italian SMEs, from the planning of the export strategy to the last moment of signing the supply contract with the new foreign customer.

Over the years I have built up a team of excellent professionals who master the most important skills a company needs to expand abroad.

Trademark and patent experts, international lawyers, logistics experts, tax experts, specialists in digital marketing and graphics, translators, etc:

We are professionals who share the awareness that the success of any business relationship between companies of different nationalities depends heavily on knowledge of the fundamental values of these nationalities and their diversity.

Our aim is to translate this awareness into added value for our clients!

What do businesses have to do with culture?

I am convinced that the lack of knowledge about cultural differences and business methods among companies of different countries, such as Italy and Germany, are one of the main causes of loss of turnover for both parties.

There are many prejudices between Germany and Italy, not all of which are without foundation. But it is also true that it is precisely these differences that produce the best results.

The combination of different approaches in strategy, production or marketing is always a source of innovation, creativity and inspiration if such differences are known, understood and accepted.

>> My ambition is to help Italian companies to better understand the German business model on the one hand and to make it easier for German companies to choose their Italian business partners on the other hand. <<

Why is my activity concentrated in Northern Italy?

Because it is the region of Italy that I know best and because Northern Italy is the closest territory to Germany, both physically and from the point of you of its way of working. I am sure Germans are aware of the fact that Italy is an extremely heterogeneous country and each region has its own rules and practices.

In order to disseminate a new way of doing business among Italian companies, based on the knowledge of cultural differences, I have writtenn articles on this subject and take part in conferences. Recently my book “How to sell to Germans” (original title “Come vendere ai tedeschi”, available only in Italian) was recently published.

The book uses tells a light and entertaining style to explain how to find the best business opportunities by knowing the merits and shortcomings of our respective cultures.

I am currently working on my second book, which instead focuses on giving German entrepreneurs the tools to understand the behaviour and strategy of Italian companies, and how to make the best use of the characteristics that define our country.

One of my articles published by Italy’s best-known business newspaper IlSole24Ore on 18 March 2019 is presented below: Article Kruman